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Rutronik Adapter Board-RAB2 for CO2 Sensing

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Time-to-market for applications is significantly shortened

The Rutronik Adapter Board - RAB2
Rutronik´s Adapter Board RAB2 for CO2 Sensing features state-of-the-art sensors from Infineon and Sensirion

Rutronik System Solutions expands the existing product portfolio with the new Adapter Board – RAB2 for CO2 Sensing. The board offers a unique approach using CO2 sensors, comparing two ultra-modern sensors from Infineon and Sensirion. That provides the opportunity to use one board in the pre-development phase to evaluate which sensor suits a specific application most. As a result, the time-to-market for applications requiring CO2, relative humidity, and temperature measurement is significantly shortened.

CO2 measurements play an increasingly important role in the development of applications. For example, there is a growing demand for smart sensors to measure indoor air quality. They ensure real-time CO2 monitoring for ventilation systems, air purifiers, and thermostats and prevent, among other things, excessive CO2 concentration, which can harm health.

That is exactly where the new Rutronik Adapter Board – RAB2 for CO2 Sensing comes into play. Two state-of-the-art CO2 sensors, PASCO2V01 from Infineon and SCD41-D from Sensirion, are at the heart of the board. Both sensors operate on a photoacoustic measuring principle and impress with their compact design, among other things. Using the board, it is possible to test both sensors separately and compare them to each other in the pre-development phase. It enables developers to evaluate which sensor fits best for the respective application in the field of CO2, relative humidity, and temperature measurement and with which component the application development continues. Thanks to the combination of the components on only one board, a faster time to market is realizable.

"Rutronik System Solutions' central focus is to support customers in the pre-development phase. That saves resources and shortens the time to market. With our Adapter Board – RAB2 for CO2 Sensing, we address precisely these needs in a growing market. By combining two advanced sensors on one board, tests and comparisons are easily possible. Our board provides a reliable basis for deciding which component fits best for the final application development," states Stephan Menze, Head of Global Innovation Management at Rutronik.

Flexible combination and expandable thanks to the Arduino interface Like all other boards from Rutronik System Solutions, the Adapter Board – RAB2 for CO2 Sensing features an Arduino interface. That means that the board can easily combine with already developed boards such as the RDK2, Rutronik Adapter Board – Text To Speech, Rutronik Adapter Board – HMS Anybus, and the Rutronik Adapter Board – RAB1 Sensorfusion and embedded in a complex evaluation system. The experts from Rutronik System Solutions also provide the corresponding software stacks. All components featured on the board are available in Rutronik's product portfolio. That way, the distributor ensures that the components are currently and long-term available.

Further information about the Rutronik Adapter Board – RAB2 for CO2 Sensing and a direct contact option can be found at www.rutronik.com. An order option is also available on the e-commerce platform www.rutronik24.com.


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