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Parasoft Named Transformational Vendor of Service Virtualization Technology

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voke recognizes Parasoft for “holistic vision of what software quality means across all disciplines of the lifecycle”

Parasoft, the market leader in automated testing, announced today that it has been rated a Transformational vendor in the voke, inc. Market Mover ArrayTM Report on Service Virtualization. Parasoft’s rating is due to its “innovative and user-centric approach to service virtualization in areas such as test data management and AI.” To access the report, please visit: https://alm.parasoft.com/voke-market-mover-array-report-service-virtualization


The voke report defines Transformational vendors as those that are changing the tone and direction of the market. These vendors may include newer entrants to the market that have either innovative technology or the ability to take a long view of the market and articulate it. These vendors are typically challenging the Pivotal vendors to innovate either in terms of technology or marketing acumen.

 “Software engineering teams must bring in service virtualization as part of their engineering process to empower testers to keep pace with development, regardless of lifecycle practices employed. By virtualizing work in progress, software quality is ensured from the start of every project,” said Theresa Lanowitz, founder of voke, inc.

The research states, ‘The Parasoft Virtualize family of products scales from a completely free and functional community edition for the individual to a robust enterprise version to a continuous testing platform for a workspace that combines API testing, service virtualization, and test data management in one interface. This helps to enhance collaboration between domain experts across an organization. Through its Virtualize family of products, Parasoft is able to actively guide its clients on how to modernize test automation and apply the appropriate service virtualization approach at the correct time.’

“Parasoft was founded on the premise of bringing innovation to software test automation, and for over 30 years we’ve built testing tools from the ground up to enable enterprises to scale their adoption of these technologies to help meet business-critical initiatives,” stated Elizabeth Kolawa, Parasoft CEO. “Service virtualization is a key component to tackle today’s complex test environments and we’re committed to empowering our customers to effectively utilize this technology. We are excited by this recognition and will continue to innovate and evolve our service virtualization solution.”

About Parasoft


About Parasoft:

Parasoft reduces the time, effort, and cost of developing high-quality automotive software, by providing efficient automated software testing solutions to support your team. Parasoft’s software testing tool suite supports the entire software development process, from when the developer writes the first line of code all the way through unit and functional testing, to performance and security testing, leveraging service virtualization along the way. With a unique analytics platform that aggregates data from across all testing practices and provides actionable insights up and down the testing pyramid, Parasoft’s automated software testing innovations help teams address the complexities of today’s modern connected environments.

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