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All you need - Schukat at electronica 2016

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Schukat electronic presents its product range from components to power supplies.

Schukat at electronica 2016 in hall A5, booth 353

Schukat company in Monheim, Germany
Distributor Schukat from Monheim, Germany

''All you need'' - with this motto, Schukat electronic presents its extensive range at electronica 2016 (8-11 November). With its power supply, passive and electromechanical components, fans and optoelectronics product categories, Schukat underscores not only its many years of experience but also its performance as a service-oriented distributor to small and medium-sized enterprises across Europe.

One cornerstone of its power supply division is its wide-ranging MeanWell product selection. The MeanWell range includes such smart LED power supplies as the ELG series with an integrated DALI interfaces for lighting applications, and building management systems using the KNX products KNX-20E and KDA-64. The 640mA KNX-20E power supply unit, with its slim design (just three standard units wide, or 52.2mm), leaves enough room to install additional components in the limited space inside a switching cabinet. The power supply offers an MTBF (mean time between failures) in excess of 100,000 hours.

A highlight of the passive and electromechanical category are the innovative solutions delivered by Panasonic. The new, slim 5mm PA-N PCB relay for industrial applications displays excellent electrical characteristics, meeting the increased insulation standards for programmable controls as required by the IEC- (UL-) norm. Outstanding thermal conductivity of up to 1950 W/mK combined with efficient heat distribution in small electrical devices characterises Panasonic’s pyrolytic graphite sheets (PGS).

The IP68 fans from Sunon feature a fully encapsulated motor, making them impervious to many environmental influences and an ideal choice for use in harsh environments. And with their EC series, the producer is introducing a new, energy-saving fan series to the market. Compared with conventional AC equipment fans, savings of up to 80% are possible. The new fans are also available in an ATEX-certified configuration.

Schukat's optoelectronics section offers high-definition solutions, including the ultraflat e-paper displays from Electronic Assembly. With outstanding contrast, these displays offer the most neutral depiction of text and graphics currently available. And as long as the image doesn't change, the displays use no power at all, making them particularly attractive for battery-operation, wireless charging and energy-harvesting systems.

About Schukat electronic

Schukat electronic Vertriebs GmbH

Schukat electronic is a franchise and catalogue distributor. Long-established working partnerships link them with 200 manufactures in the active, passive and electromechanical fields. As a franchise partner, they offer competent development and logistics support to their customers, for example with Sunon, MeanWell, Crydom, Microchip, Panasonic, Talema, TSC and LiteOn. In addition, as a catalogue distributor, Schukat is a reliable business partner for all standard applications for 10,000 B2B clients in 50 countries.

Schukat is DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 certified. They offer their customers 100% traceability: complete backward tracking from customer to manufacturer of every Schukat consignment ever delivered. Schukat electronic was founded in 1964 in Monheim am Rhein, Germany. Around 150 employees and 30 trainees are employed in Monheim and, in 2015, have generated EUR 92 million gross (EUR 77 million net).

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