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Successful PR throughout Europe

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7 tipps for article placement throughout Europe

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Successful PR throughout Europe

How to succeed with article placements

Many companies are striving for higher awareness throughout Europe. The regular publication of articles, press releases and product news in European trade magazines is a proven method to achieve more publicity. But, especially with popular magazines with high reach the placement of content is not easy. Following are 7 tips which could make this job easier: 

  1. The right choice of media

Both national and international – the choice of the appropriate magazines is decisive for a PR-campaign. Concerning Europe the language barrier might make it difficult to assess the potential of the magazines, and if they have the right strategic fit. For instance, it doesn’t make sense to offer input on automotive components to an automotive logistics magazine. Thus, media kits need to be checked and evaluated. Editors prefer articles which are tailored to their issues in their magazines – as it saves them much time, and you make sure you reach your target group.

  1. Act fast

Editors deal with deadlines daily. If an article shall be published in the next magazine issue in a certain topic, it needs to be provided in time – latest at the deadline provided by the editorial department. Most of the times there is more articles submitted to editors as can be published. So first come, first serve, provided the content is suitable. The same rule applies to additional information, to photos and picture series.

  1. Be persistent but not obstinate

Consider that you are not the only person offering a story to an editor. If there is no feedback, do not take it personally. But, stay tuned: Ask if the article was not suitable – and why? Is the editor looking for specific input? Is there interest in other new articles? Often, persistence pays off in the PR-business.

  1. Build relationships

My experience has shown: Rounding off the usually dry e-Mail correspondence with a small-talk can be effective. It gives you a personal touch and makes editors remember you, and helps to create sympathy – which might make the job easier in the future.

  1. ADs matter!

If no personal relationship can be established, ad placements might be helpful. Repeatedly, we have seen that magazines, which are served with ads, tend to be more receptive for editorial input than those without media co-operations. Thus, adverts can be a helpful instrument – even if it is only a small ad or a banner, and the sums involved are small.

  1. Pay attention to call for papers and editorial plans

You are still not successful? Then consider the ‘call for papers’ as another option. This is a call to submit your company’s contribution dedicated to a specific issue. If your input meets the expectations with regard to its scope and content, there is a high chance that it will be published. For those who prefer to act more proactively, they should research the editorial plans in advance and offer input for selected topics already months in advance.

  1. Good translations and precise texts – especially with technical content

Here is a lesson which I recently had to learn: Sometimes professional translation companies do not translate professionally. The problem with this is: How shall you assess the quality of the translation, if you don’t speak the target language? To avoid any unpleasant surprises it makes sense to check with the editors now and then if they are content with the translated texts. Because delivering bad translations for complex technical texts – knowingly or unknowingly - will not achieve a publication of the text, and lead to frustration.

Author: Nikolas Maier, PR-Agentur Lorenzoni GmbH


Now, if you decide that this PR-business on a EU-level is too complicated to realize by yourself, but your company aims for higher attention – then you should contact us! Feel free to ring us at +49 8122 559170 or send us an eMail to pr@lorenzoni.de .




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