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New Ways to Take the Manual Effort Out of Certification

Parasoft's MISRA Dashboard allows quick check of MISRA conformity and more

Parasoft, the leader in automated software testing technologies, has showcased test automation solutions for embedded, safety-critical, and IoT software, powered by the Parasoft tool suite at Embedded World exhibition. At the core of Parasoft’s solution for embedded is Parasoft C/C++test, which provides C and C++ developers with a unified testing solution that includes advanced static analysis and unit testing technologies to facilitate software development best practices, rigorous bug detection, and security vulnerability remediation.

Embedded developers also benefit from Parasoft SOAtest, for testing and validation at the message/API layer, Parasoft Jtest, for analyzing Java codebases, and Parasoft DTP, for reporting and intelligent analytics that provide actionable insights to bring efficiency to quality and compliance initiatives. These tools integrate seamlessly together to provide users with the industry’s most comprehensive solution for IoT-connected devices, ensuring secure, reliable, and scalable applications.

To request a free trial of Parasoft’s automated testing tool suite, please visit: https://software.parasoft.com/try/


The comprehensive solution for embedded integrates various newest product capabilities that emphasize meeting the requirements of safety-critical and compliance industries:

  • Compliance Packs and Qualification Kits:

Parasoft’s support for MISRA and security guidelines have been augmented to include streamlined compliance packs that take manual work out of certification. New qualification kits for aerospace (DO-178 B/C, DO-330, E-12B/C), automotive (ISO 26262), functional safety (IEC-61508), and railway (EN-50128) software automatically provide the documentation that organizations need to prove compliance to certifying agencies.

  • Comprehensive Coverage Reporting:

Users can now benefit from a consolidated view of coverage and traceability for both manual and unit testing efforts, including support for open source unit testing frameworks, such as Google Test, CPPunit, and CppUTest.

  • Enhanced Workflows and Integrations:

New workflows enable users to prioritize static analysis problems based on risk and prioritize testing activities to accelerate agile. New integrations are focused on developer ease-of-use and include support for leading development environments, including Visual Studio 2017 and Wind River Workbench 4.x/VxWorks 7.x

“We continue to evolve our tool suite to meet the demands of the modern embedded software development landscape, with everything from addressing the needs of compliance and certification, to helping organizations adopt agile development practices,” said Mark Lambert, VP of Products at Parasoft. “Our robust testing solution for embedded software now includes next-generation analytics that provide valuable insights about where to focus testing efforts, to accelerate the testing process while pinpointing areas of high risk.”

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Parasoft reduces the time, effort, and cost of delivering high-quality software to the market. Parasoft’s tools support the entire software development process, from when the developer writes the first line of code all the way through unit and functional testing, to performance and security testing, leveraging simulated test environments along the way. Parasoft's unique analytics platform aggregates data from across all testing practices, providing insights up and down the testing pyramid to enable organizations to succeed in today's most strategic development initiatives, including Agile/DevOps, Continuous Testing, and the complexities of IoT.


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