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Rutronik presents the new Base Board RDK3

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A perfect platform for developing

High level of security thanks to Infineon's PSoC 64TM Secured MCU
"With the RDK3, we offer a flexible solution in growing markets" - Stephan Menze, Rutronik

Rutronik System Solutions' board family grows with the new RDK3. The Base Board offers developers a perfect platform for developing their own proof-of-concepts for Bluetooth connectivity and shortens time-to-market. It is suitable for a variety of IoT applications and future markets. These include Advanced Robotics, Smart Building, Smart Factory, and Healthcare. Infineon's PSoC 64TM Secured MCU is the main component of the Base Board, enabling the implementation of state-of-the-art security features. Variability facilitates also the integration of Rutronik System Solutions' software into Infineon's ModusToolboxTM.

Wireless, intelligent networking of individual elements or work processes becomes more essential in areas like Advanced Robotics, Smart Building, Smart Factory, or Healthcare. Only networked systems allow work steps and objects to be intelligently connected and interact with each other. Efficiency gains and the exploitation of potentials are the results. That's where the new RDK3 Base Board comes into play by offering a complete solution for wireless low-power Bluetooth connections with high-security standards and low-power consumption. It enables hardware and firmware developers to reduce time and costs in the pre-development phase and makes a significant contribution to bringing new applications much faster to market.

"Intelligent, networked systems in the IoT become more important. With the RDK3, we offer a flexible solution in growing markets. Our new Base Board from Rutronik System Solutions supports embedded developers for Wireless Low-Power Bluetooth connections to advance their developments faster to reduce costs. Combined with the state-of-the-art security features implementable by the PSoC 64 MCU, it is a perfect foundation for developers to build upon," states Stephan Menze, Head of Global Innovation Management at Rutronik.

High level of security thanks to Infineon's PSoC 64TM Secured MCU
IoT-networked systems increase in number. The protection and security of data and communication are essential. Therefore, the RDK3 relies on Infineon's PSoC 64TM Secured MCU with a Platform Security Architecture (PSA). The dual-core microcontroller features three-level hardware and firmware-based isolation. The Arm Dual-Cortex M-Core SOC provides a secure M0+core and performs all security functions. It's physically separated from the user applications running in parallel on the Arm Cortex-M4 core. Thanks to the features of Infineon's MCU, the RDK3 provides main functions to build and authenticate secure applications. Another advantage of the Base Board is that Rutronik System Solutions' software is included in Infineon's ModusToolboxTM. That makes one development environment available, allowing efficiency gains.
Easy combination with the Adapter Boards from Rutronik System Solutions
The newly developed Base Board RDK3 has Arduino interfaces and is easy to combine with other Adapter Boards like HMS Anybus, Text To Speech, RAB1, and RAB2. In addition, all components used are from Rutronik's product portfolio. That ensures the availability of all parts.

Further information on the RDK3 and a direct contact option can be found at www.rutronik.com. In addition, an ordering option is available on the e-commerce platform www.rutronik24.com.

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