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FBDi: Free Templates for QA Agreement

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Free and readily accessible QA-templates available for download

FBDi is underlining its position as solution-oriented association with neutral templates of a quality assurance agreement. The version ‘without liability rules and terms&conditions’ is an addition to existing framework agreements, and ready for cost-free download in German and English language at https://www.fbdi.de/agreement-on-quality-assurance-without-liability-and-gtc-regulation.html

In addition FBDi is preparing a comprehensive version with a section ‘reference terms&conditions ZVEI and wordings regarding liability’. This version aims at business relations that have not been negotiated between distributor and customer. Upon completion and legal review this version will also be available for download in August.

Both versions were prepared with the greatest possible care by the Competence Team Quality of FBDi. More far-reaching EU-regulations drive the request of members for applicable basic rules to be able to handle the daily business. With these neutral QA assurance templates FBDi takes account of the specific needs of distribution as they are designed for the use by customers and non-organized distributors and represent a more secure and reliable cooperation.

Über Der FBDi e.V.

About FBDI e.V.:

About FBDI e. V. (www.fbdi.de):

The FBDi e.V. – Fachverband der Bauelemente Distribution e.V. (Professional Association of Component Distribution), founded in 2003, is well-established in the German association community and represents a large portion of distributors of electronic components with operations in Germany. In addition to the preparation and advancement of numerical data and statistics concerning the German distribution market for electronic components, work group engagement and reporting on important industry themes (amongst others, education, liability and rights, traceability, and environmental themes) form essential pillars of the association’s work. The FBDi is a member of the International Distribution of Electronics Association (IDEA).

Member companies (as per January 2019):

Regular members: Acal BFi Germany; Arrow Europe; Avnet EMG EMEA; Beck Elektronische Bauelemente; Blume Elektronik Distribution; Bürklin Elektronik; CODICO; Conrad Electronic; Distrelec; Ecomal Europe; Endrich Bauelemente; EVE; Future Electronics Deutschland;  Glyn; Gudeco Elektronik; Haug Components Holding; Hy-Line Holding; JIT electronic; Kruse Electronic Components; MB Electronic; Memphis Electronic; Menges Electronic; MEV Elektronik Service; mewa electronic; Mouser Electronics; pk components; Püplichhuisen; RS Components; Rutronik Elektronische Bauelemente; Ryosan Europe; Schukat electronic; TTI Europe.

Supporting members: TDK Europe.


Information about FBDi:

Andreas Falke, CEO, Nassauische Str. 65 A, 10717 Berlin; a.falke@fbdi.de


Media contact: 

Agentur Lorenzoni GmbH, Public Relations, Landshuter Str. 29, 85435 Erding;

ph: +49 8122 55917-0, www.lorenzoni.de; Beate Lorenzoni-Felber, beate@lorenzoni.de



Über uns

Klarheit, Kooperation und Können – das sind unsere Zutaten für Kompetenz: Klare und ehrliche Kommunikation, kooperative und partnerschaftliche Zusammenarbeit sowie ein kreatives und umsetzungsstarkes Team, das Dinge mit der Kundenbrille betrachtet. Genau das wissen unsere langjährigen Kunden zu schätzen.


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